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7 Reasons Why You Should Host Your New Blog On Bluehost (2023)

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If you are thinking about starting a blog in 2022, I am sure you have done a lot of research to find out how to begin. If you have done your research well, then the name Bluehost has probably popped up a few times.

As a new blogger, I had no idea where to host my blog so I made the mistake of using a free WordPress-hosted blog instead.

Big mistake.

I lost a full year’s worth of SEO work and blogposts and got nothing in return.

I swore to never make that mistake again and decided to self-host.

That is how I found Bluehost.

Ask any blog owner what hosting service they recommend for new bloggers and almost 90% of the time, they will say Bluehost.

So if you want to get some answers as to why this platform is so popular, then keep reading.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a web hosting service that currently hosts over 2 million websites on the internet.

It is currently one of the top 20 hosting services in the world.

I highly suggest you read my full Bluehost review to get an insider look at all of the features and pricing.

However, in order to get a better understanding of why Bluehost is so popular, you need to understand what hosting and self-hosting are.

What is self-hosting?

I know how the idea of self-hosting can be a bit intimidating for beginners but the concept is really similar.

I always use the analogy of seeing hosting as a house for your website.

When you start a website, you will have a domain name and other files like articles and images that you need to keep somewhere.

This information needs to be stored.

This is what hosting does.

It allows you to store your files and website data somewhere safe (hopefully).

Just like a home for your stuff.

More importantly, you have full control over your data and are able to change it as you wish.

Just like if you had a house or apartment, you can put whatever furniture you would like and decorate it as you wish.

What is shared hosting?

Now that you understand what self-hosting is, the next thing to look into is Shared Hosting.

There are several ways to host your website or blog (you can read more about them here).

Bluehost, however, is most famous for its Shared Hosting plans.

Shared hosting simply means that you are sharing a server with other websites.

Going back to the home analogy, think of it as renting an apartment in a complex or building.

Bluehost is the landlord.

You share the building with other tenants, but you each get your own space.

Why Do You Need a Host For Your Blog?

Why Do You Need a Host For Your Blog?

Now that you know what hosting and shared hosting is, you may find it to be a bit more advanced compared to your usual free or hosting.

You still may be asking yourself: why do I need to host at all?

I always say, if you are planning on taking this blogging journey seriously, then you HAVE to have a self-hosted blog.

Whether you choose to go with Bluehost or not, doesn’t matter. It HAS to be self-hosted.


Because you will not be taken seriously otherwise.

Having a clear and powerful domain is very important for your SEO. If you go with a free site that will have a domain like, Google may not even bother to try to rank your content.

Not only that, but if you want to join an ad agency, they will not accept your site unless it is self-hosted.

If you think about the future of your blog or website and you want to do things like give away freebies, build an email list, host courses, sell products, or start membership plans, then self-hosting is the only way to go.

You will need full control of your Admin and Control Panel in order to make things like this possible.

That is something you will not get with a free hosting platform.

Trust me, I did it for a year and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. But I learned a lot from it and I hope to keep others from making the same mistake.

Why You Should Host Your Blog on Bluehost

Now that you have a full understanding of what Bluehost is, there are 7 things that I noticed bloggers kept saying to me when I asked about the service.

And it is actually these 7 things that made me start hosting my blog on Bluehost as well.

So here are 7 reasons Bluehost is the best choice for beginners:

1. Bluehost has Great Prices.

When it comes to pricing, Bluehost is hard to beat.

For everything that you get with their hosting plans, it’s incredible that they are able to offer hosting at such cheap prices.

That is because Bluehost has beginners in mind.

When you are just starting out, most likely, you do not have a couple hundred or thousand dollars to spend on hosting.

So the fact that you can start hosting for under $4 a month is every beginner’s dream.

This goes on the top of my list because who doesn’t love a deal?

bluehost ad

2. You Get a Free SLL Certificate.

When it comes to building online platforms, it is very important that you keep yourself and your viewers safe.

That is why you need an SLL Certificate.

This is an online protocol that allows encrypted connections to authenticate your site.

This is why there are some sites that have HTTP whereas others have HTTPS.

With Bluehost, a free certificate is automatically offered in all the hosting plans.

Not only is this great for your website security, but it has now become an important factor in Google SEO.

It will be very hard to start ranking without one.

3. Bluehost Customer Service is Amazing!

bluehost customer support

Customer support is the one thing that you wish you never need to use. But when you do need help, it’s extremely important that you get it.

Trust me, having good customer service is going to be very important for you when you start with any hosting platform.

Whether you are migrating a site or building a brand new one, things can happen that you may not understand.

The easiest thing to do is to ask for help.

Bluehost gives you a full knowledge base as well as 24/7 chat and phone support if things are more urgent.

I must say, everything went very smoothly for me with Bluehost (knock on wood).

I have only had to reach out once and I got a response and solution very quickly.

4. You Get Great Site Speed

I know that site speed is becoming less important but you still don’t want a slow website.

I will admit, I had a HUGE problem with site speed when I first started out. I almost thought that Bluehost was the culprit, to be honest.

So one day, I had a conversation with an amazing friend (you know who you are) who gave me some great tips.

I did an analysis of my website with Ahrefs and I found out that I just had too much junk!

Here is a pro tip: You don’t need 50 plugins for a new blog and beware of certain popular page builders.

That is all I am going to say.

So once I got rid of the fluff, I found my site speed increased dramatically! I just let Bluehost do its thing and I haven’t had a problem since.

You will quickly learn: Less is more when it comes to websites.

5. Bluehost is By Far the Easiest To Use.

bluehost control panel

Ease of use really is one of the top reasons why Bluehost is so beginner-friendly. When they say that you can have your site within minutes, they are not kidding.

It literally took me 5 minutes to choose a plan, choose a domain, and connect to WordPress.

It really is that easy.

The fact that they now have a website builder that you can use will make the process of setting up your blog a lot easier for you as well.

When it comes to the backend of things, Bluehost has a great cPanel that is easy to navigate and use.

No need to go on a scavenger hunt just to find a simple setting.

6. You Can Integrate With Almost Anything.

Bluehost integrations

Having the ability to integrate with other platforms is going to be crucial for your online growth.

Remember how I mentioned “the future of your blog” earlier?

This is where integration is really going to come into play.

Everything from adding AdSense to your page to selling a product on your website is all going to be done through integrations.

This is also another major reason why self-hosting and having access to your control panel are so important.

Bluehost is a big name with a great reputation so they make all of this a lot easier for you.

The fact that you also get full access to WordPress plugins is definitely the icing on the cake.

bluehost recommended by wordpress

When a trusted source tells you that something is good, you tend to trust it more.

So when several trusted all say the same things about Bluehost, it definitely makes it a lot more interesting.

Bluehost is an official WordPress-recommended hosting service.

Meaning if you are on WordPress, it’s guaranteed to work.

Bluehost is also recommended by one of the most well-known blogging schools Income School.

Bluehost is also recommended by WPBeginner, Neil Patel, WebsiteBuilderExpert, and several others.

Need I say more?

When it comes to valuable sources recommending the site, you will find plenty of them.

Don’t even get me started on how many bloggers also recommend the platform to their readers.

Final Thoughts About Bluehost

Web hosting can be scary for a beginner.

I know the feeling.

Not only is it a brand new process that you need to get used to, but it is also an investment.

Maybe even the most important investment on your online journey.

So you want to make the right decision.

Thankfully, you can also change in the future and most hosting providers make it very easy to migrate.

And to be honest, you will most likely look into other platforms once your business starts expanding or plan to upgrade.

Bluehost is a great stepping stool to get you off the ground on the right foot and give you a boost on your online journey.

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