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Why You Should Never Buy Traffic | Review

If you are a beginner and you don’t have a huge number of followers, then you might struggle to generate traffic to your business, website, affiliate link, etc.

Even if you have been in it for months, if you don’t see progress, you might give in to one of the biggest technological temptations out there right now:


Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.

I am sure you’ve Googled it.

Thought about it.

Maybe…dare I say…even TRIED it!

Look, don’t feel bad, we have all been through it.

Thankfully, when I first started out, I was just a student so buying traffic was out of my budget. But nowadays, you can get traffic at a much cheaper price.

But the question is, what kind of traffic are you really getting?

We all know the bots that are out there just spamming and spewing the same information over and over in the comments section.

And the fake Instagram followers.

And the fake YouTube subscribers.

You get my drift.

Now, since I started this new platform, I have been getting A LOT of differents ads, propositions, and emails about generating traffic.

About 2 weeks ago, I started getting YouTube ads about a company called SimpleTraffic.Co . They said that they generate REAL views and you can subscribe to get monthly traffic.

Since I have been in the business of blogging for a while now, I automatically thought “this is utter BS.”

So day after day went buy and I kept getting the dang ads, and I got to say, they have a great way of marketing. I am one of the toughest people to get to klick on ads. I almost NEVER click on ads (wonder why I am in the digital marketing space anyways lol). I need a really good campaign in order to get me to click on anything.

Well, Simple Traffic got me.

What is ?

Basically, they SAY that you will get REAL visitors and REAL views to any link that you put into their site.

How? Here is the answer copied directly from their website:

There are three main sources for our website traffic, this list is always changing as we constantly get more websites in our network.

Link Shorteners

We work with link shorteners to get traffic from shortened URLs that are no longer active. An example is

Monetized Sites

Some websites also provide us with some of their traffic as a monetization method. Here are some we receive visitors from:

Parked Domains

We have a large network of parked domains that are constantly receiving visitors. If you visit one of the parked domains you will either be forwarded to one of our client’s sites, or you will see a message saying “no promotions available”. If you see this message it’s because we have many more visitors than we have client’s websites to send them to. Here are some of the parked domains we work with:

We are constantly adding and removing websites to our network so some of the above sites may not work after this was published.

We do not perform any SEO or link building for your website.

Well doesn’t that sound nice!

Now I was only going to sign up for pure curiosity and because they had a free trial. I wasn’t going to actually pay for anything.

But I still wanted to know, just how much some people were willing to pay. Take a look below at their prices.

Not too bad right? I mean starting at $15 and getting 15K visitors per month?

Anyone who doesn’t know any better would think that this is great!

But of course, if you are in the digital marketing world, you know that sites like these, are pure cold traffic (if not bots).

If you have cold traffic, you can get 100,000 visitors and still not make a single lead or conversion.

BUT STILL, being the blogger that I am, I just had to try it for you guys.

I went ahead and opted for the free trial.

BUT, I did not want to use it for my main blog. I don’t want anything keeping my AdSense from being accepted and I didn’t trust the site.

So, if you remember in one of my older posts, I mentioned that I have several blogs. So I decided to choose one of my newer niche blogs to link to instead (only 1 month old and easy to rebuild, JUST IN CASE).

Before linking to that blog, I decided to have some fun first. They say that you get about 500 visitors per day with the free trial. So I linked to one of my affiliate links first just to see. Here’s what my Clickbank dashboard looked like:

I only got about 44 clicks.

And yet, Simple Traffic showed something else.

I am going to apologize ahead of time for the SimpleTraffic screenshots because their dashboard is not the best:

Basically, they say I got 492 visitors to that page. Obviously, no conversions (which they never promised so I guess I can’t blame them.)

So then I tried redirecting to my niche YouTube channel which is brand new and only has a trailer video up. But then I got this message:

YouTube does require a certain duration on a video to count it as a view, so most visitors will not be counted as views.

I looked on Simple Traffics Dashboard for that day:

I got a whopping 615 visitors to that video…no views counted on YouTube.

I STILL decided to continue on with this test of mine and added my blog page.

This trial was supposed to last 5 days but I actually got 7 days because…lucky? Anyways, at this point, I hade used up 2 days, so I had 5 days left.

Here are the results after the first week:

I went on to my WordPress to look att my stats, and let me tell you, they told a whole different story:

The most views I got was 46 visitors and 61 views on November 20th. BIG DIFFERENCE from having 500 views like SimpleTraffic said.

This is where I threw in the towel and decided that this was just not something for me. Which I suspected in the beginning, but I still gave them the benefit of the doubt.

When it comes to digital marketing, I always tell people to test different methods because that is what I do. That is how you find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Is Real or a Scam?

It is REAL…REALly suspicious.

I would not go as far as calling it a scam. From the looks of it, they send a bunch of cold traffic to your links. And cold traffic doesn’t convert well on the first go.

I do admit, the whole thing with YouTube and the blog views is very suspicious. But I have no proof of bots being used so I can’t call them out for that.

The whole thing is just a big question mark for me.

Should You Buy Traffic To Their Website?

If all you are interested in is the number of visitors you are getting, then go ahead. Don’t let me stop you.

However, if you are interested in having warm or hot traffic and actually building a relationship with your viewers and gaining their trust (plus making some sales and money along the way) then this is not the route to take.

Not only do you not have any real viewers who are interested in your content, but it will take you even longer to build your audience, build and email list of subscribers, and build your business.

However, do not get this confused with Paid Ads. Paid Ads target people who share the same interest as you and who will be likely to check your stuff out. This is one of the best ways to target REAL people who have a REAL interest in what you do. If you are going to spend your money, spend it on ads.

Otherwise, paid traffic is just not worth it.