The Truth About Having Multiple Youtube Channels

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You have probably noticed a rise in YouTubers having multiple youtube channels lately.

It may cause a few people to scratch their heads and wonder why in the world YouTubers would put more on their plate?

If you know anything about being a youtuber, then you know the amount of work and effort it takes just to run a single channel.

All the scriptwriting, filming editing, and thumbnail making can take hours and days to do.

So why double the work with another channel?

Well, there are actually several reasons why a YouTuber would choose to start another channel. There is both a financial aspect and a personal aspect.

If you want to find out more, then keep reading.

Why Youtubers Have Multiple Channels

Youtubers already have so much work to do with their channels that it sounds crazy to even think about having another channel.

Making youtube videos is not a fully passive source of income. It is very active and requires that you make and upload videos to keep your channel alive.

But the truth is, YouTubers wouldn’t be doing it if they aren’t getting something positive from it. So here are 3 reasons why YouTubers tend to have other channels.

3 Reasons Why Youtubers Have Other Channels

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One thing that you should know about growing another youtube channel is that is significantly easier to do.

That is, if you have already established one strong channel.

Getting an audience to go over to another channel is going to be a great way to build up that channel quicker.

This means you won’t have to struggle for months just to get the algorithm to start picking up your videos.

1. To Increase Their Revenue

As a youtuber myself (who now has a lot of youtube friends), I can tell you that the number one reason why people create other channels is to increase their revenue.

And it makes a lot of sense from a business point of view.

Once you have set up a successful youtube channel, you have probably learned how to optimize your channel for monetization.

Meaning you know how to get the most from your channel.

This is a skill that is usually developed over time and you can transfer that knowledge onto your new channel. Meaning it will probably be optimized monetarily straight from the get-go.

This will allow you to start making a good amount of money from your second channel a lot sooner.

So if a youtuber has one channel making them $1000, they could potentially double their monthly income by having another channel.

2. Branching Out To Other Niches

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Another major reason for starting another youtube channel is to branch out to other niches. This was is both a business and a personal move.

From a business standpoint, a youtuber that goes into another niche expands their brand awareness and also reaches new audiences.

This will help grow their business and get more people to see their content. If they are smart, they will mention their other channel as well, and hopefully, get their audiences to cross over.

This is a great business move but it also allows the youtuber to try different things. Youtube may be great for making money but nothing beats being inspired by what you do.

With time, some YouTubers find that they start to lose passion for creating content. So changing niches usually allows them to get inspired to make content again.

This leads to my next point.

3. Just For Fun

No matter how much money you make online, if you are not having fun doing what you are doing, then you are not doing it right.

So to make things fun again, some YouTubers decide to make other channels. Sometimes it’s to test out new things and make sure it doesn’t affect their current channel.

Other times, it’s just to be able to have some fun and do something different. Being able to express themselves in a different way without having to worry about how their audience is going to react to it.

Youtubers are people too and sometimes, they just want to have fun.

Should You Create Multiple Youtube Channels?

If you already have a successful channel or brand with thousands of subscribers, then you should definitely consider making another youtube channel.

However, you do have to keep some things in mind.

It may be easier to grow another channel once you have already made a successful one. But it doesn’t mean don’t have to put in the work.

People will expect a certain level of quality from you so you still need to make sure that you are delivering what they want.

Your audience will know if you are creating a channel just to make money from them.

Always try to keep things fun and entertaining for your audience.

How To Create Multiple Channels With One Email

Most people don’t know this but you can actually create several youtube channels with one email account.

Fun Fact: Youtube allows you to create 50 different channels that are associated with one account.

It is very easy to do.

Just go into your settings and choose “Create an Account” and that’s it.

create several youtube channels with one email


Creating multiple channels is a great way for a youtuber to expand their business.

It could get them more income, expand their brand awareness, and hopefully allow them to become more creative and have more excitement with their content.

Making content every day, every week, or even every month can become tiresome and dull. It is an unfortunate side effect of being an online creator.

However, having other innovative outlets can spark some new creative juices that can help creators gain more passion for the content they create.

Being a youtuber is supposed to be fun.

As soon as it starts feeling like a chore, then there may be a problem.

But just because it is fun, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work. So no matter how many channels you have, just make sure you put in the work and give your audience the quality content that they deserve.