how to get tubebuddy Pro for free

How to Get Tubebuddy Pro For FREE (Easy 2023)

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Looking for a way to get Tubebuddy Pro for free?

Then you have come to the right place, my friend.

If there is one tool that I can credit my youtube growth to, it is Tubebuddy. This youtube keyword research tool has been a major asset to my channel and I WISH I had started using it sooner.

I started out with the free version for a couple of months but quickly realized that I needed to upgrade ASAP.

But what if you just aren’t sure if paying for the tool is the right move for you right now?

What if you want to test the waters first?

Lucky for you, I reached out to Tubebuddy to find out if getting a free version of Tubebuddy was a possibility.

I was hoping for a special perk for my audience and subscribers.

And that is exactly what I got!

You can actually get Tubebuddy for up to 2 months, COMPLETELY for free by getting access to a special “Sponsored Page” that is on the Tubebuddy Dashboard.

There is only one way to get access to this page and there are actually several different free versions of Tubebuddy upgrades that are available.

So in this article, I am going to walk you through the whole process and show you how to get access.

What is Tubebuddy?

If you don’t know what Tubebuddy is, don’t worry because I didn’t either when I first started on Youtube.

Tubebuddy is a channel management tool that you can download as an extension on your browser.

what is tubebuddy

It not only helps you work on your SEO, but it also provides great insights on how your channel is doing and how you can make it better.

You can even “spy” on your competitors and keep up with trending topics all with this tool.

Everything is done directly on the Youtube platform.

It used to be known mainly for its youtube SEO tools but has since grown into a full-on powerhouse for managing your youtube channel.

What is YouTube SEO?

If there is one thing that new YouTubers tend to overlook completely, it is youtube SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I wrote a full article all about the basics of SEO for beginners so that you can get a better understanding of it.

But let me break it down to you in a simple way:

Youtube SEO is the process of optimizing your content to be able to show up in youtube search results.

seo for gaming channels

When someone goes onto youtube and searches for something, you want your videos to get a chance and show up.


Because youtube is first and foremost, a video search engine. Now that Google owns it, it is becoming more and more important to optimize your videos for the search engine.

Just like you would for a website to show up on Google

I can understand why though this sounds intimidating.

It takes work and usually takes a bit of time to kick in. But it is an essential part of getting steady growth on youtube without having to fully rely on the algorithm pushing you out on the home page.

How do you optimize your content for Youtube?

I am going to sum it up for you real short and sweet so we can get onto the good stuff.

There are 3 main things that you will need to do to optimize your videos for youtube search:

  1. Find low competition and higher volume keywords
  2. Use those keywords in your titles, tags, description, and even IN your videos. (i.e what you say in your videos)
  3. Optimize your channel titles (you can learn more about how to do that here)

Now there are other things that you should work on as well to really boost your channel. I recommend you check out my youtube playlist of videos on how to do youtube SEO.

I go into a lot more detail there.

Now back to Tubebuddy!

How do you get the Tubebuddy Extention?

Downloading TubeBuddy is pretty easy. You can go directly via their website and download the extension there.

As of now, Tubebuddy is only available on Chrome and Firefox.

Once you download and activate the extension, you need to connect it to your Youtube account so that it can start analyzing your data.

As soon and the extension is active, you will see that it will show up when you are on youtube. Like I stated earlier, you can see how other people’s videos are ranking in Youtube searches.

This information will be vital for you when you are doing your keyword research.

Tubebuddy Features: Free vs Upgrades

There are some key features that are going to be important for you to know before you try the Pro version or any other upgrade.

The most important ones are:

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Search Insights
  • Search Rank Tracker
  • Video A/B Tester
  • Best Practice Audit
  • SEO Studio
  • Search Positions
  • Tag Rankings
  • Click Magnet
  • Competitor Scorecard
  • Health Report
  • Retention Analyser
  • Channelytics

This may seem like a lot, but this wasn’t even half of the tools that are available Tubebuddy.

However, looking at all of them can easily leave you overwhelmed. So the features on this list are the ones that are the most beginner-friendly and have a bigger impact on your growth.

I did a comparison for you to make it a bit easier to figure out which version is the best for you.

Keyword ExplorerLimitedYesYesYes
Search InsightsYesYesYesYes
Search Rank TrackerNoNolimitedYes
Video A/B TesterNoNoNoYes
Best Practice AuditNoYesYesYes
SEO StudioNoYesYesYes
Search PositionsNoYesYesYes
Tag RankingsYesYesYesYes
Click MagnetNoNoNoYes
Competitor ScorecardNoNoNoYes
Health ReportNoYesYesYes
Retention AnalyserNoNoNoYes
Tubebuddy Feature Comparison

I also suggest you read the full features list on Tubebuddy’s website to get a better understanding of how each tool can be used to your benefit.

How can you get the Tubebuddy upgrade for free?

Now we get to the good stuff!

You have to pay attention because there is only one way to do this.

When I first shared this with some of my subscribers, they had a little bit of a hiccup. This is why I decided to lay out the whole process, step-by-step, in this article.

Step 1 – Download and activate the Tubebuddy Extension here.

Step 2 – Click this link here to get access to the sponsored page (see image below).

how to get tubebuddy pro for free

Step 2a – If you aren’t redirected to the sponsor page, then you may not have an “eligible” channel. Unfortunately, Tubebuddy isn’t so clear as to what makes a channel eligible for sponsored upgrades.

I have found from experience that if you already have a paid version of Tubebuddy, you are not eligible for the Sponsored Page.

If you think that your channel should be eligible, but still don’t see the Sponsored page, then one POSSIBLE solution I have found is this:

  • Log out of Tubebuddy
  • Delete the Extension
  • Clear your cache
  • Close your Browser and reopen it
  • Download the extension again.
  • Click the link again.
  • Sign into your account.

This MAY work, but it is no guarantee so tread lightly.

Step 3 – Once you access the Sponsored you will find several different versions of Tubebuddy free trials that you can get for doing certain tasks.

The ones that are going to be of most interest to you are the 30-day and 2-month free trials.


The 30-day free trial requires nothing more than a simple sign-up. The 2-month trial, however, requires you to do a dedicated Tubebuddy video and then publish it to your youtube channel.

As a Youtuber, this is a piece of cake if you are already a Tubebuddy user.

So see which one fits best for you, complete the tasks, and you are all done!

I recommend that you take a look at the other tasks as well if they may be of interest to you.

How much does Tubebuddy cost?

So your trials are done and you’re considering paying for an upgrade instead of going back to the free version.

I get it, it’s tempting.

Then you may be wondering how much it is going to cost you?

Here are the prices for Tubebuddy Upgrades:


How can you get a discount on Tubebuddy Upgrades?

The biggest upgrade is for YouTubers that have less than 1000 subscribers.

You will get a whopping 50% discount on the Tubebuddy Pro if your channel is under the 1K sub count.

That is music to any new YouTuber’s ears.

So instead of paying $9 like the chart above states, you will end up only paying $4.50.

Sounds like a solid deal to me!

Want to get 20% off any Tubebuddy Upgrade?

Then you will want to pay for it annually instead of monthly.

If you look at the pricing table mentioned above, you will notice that the annual pricing is cheaper than the monthly pricing.

That’s because Tubebuddy gives you a 20% discount automatically if you pay per year.

This discount is available for all of the upgrades.

Tubebuddy Alternatives

When it comes to youtube keyword research tools, Tubebuddy is one of the most well-known and popular.

However, there is a close competitor: VidIQ.

If you are looking for a Tubebuddy alternative, then VidIQ is your best shot.

Matter of fact, Tubebuddy and VidIQ are the only youtube certified SEO tools that I have been able to find so far.

If you know any others, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Tubebuddy vs VidIQ: Which is Better?

VidIQ is another channel management and youtube SEO tool that is great for beginners and experts alike.

When it comes to keyword research, I do have a personal reference for Tubebuddy’s keyword research tool.

But ever since VidIQ rolled out their new Daily Ideas feature, I find myself using it every day now. So each of them has its advantages.

If you want more of a walkthrough of both of these platforms, I recommend you watch this youtube video which gives you more of a beginner’s perspective.

Final Thoughts on Tubebuddy

Had I known that you could get a Tubebuddy upgrade for free then I would have definitely tried it before purchasing.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

SEO can be a bit tough if you are not used to it so having a tool like Tubebuddy is a great help to all YouTubers.

No matter how big or small your channel is.

Matter of fact, one of the key ways to get your video to get pushed out to the algorithm is to get views from youtube search first.

This gives a signal to the algorithm that your videos are getting organic views and should get pushed out because people are choosing to watch them.

Once this starts to happen, and you start building momentum, you will soon find yourself getting views to your videos without any promoting at all.

You will be able to fully depend on the algorithm to do the job for you.

With Tubebuddy, I discovered ways to get views literally overnight.

So do not take SEO for granted and start optimizing your channel today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do you use the TubeBuddy keyword Explorer?

The Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer is one of the best youtube keyword research tools out there. To use it, all you have to do is download the tool and open the keyword explorer.

Here you can enter the keyword that you want to rank for and Tubebuddy will show you how well the search term could rank.

The higher the number the better.

You want to aim for yellow to green keywords with a score of 60 or above if you are a beginner.

Unfortunately, with the free version, you do have a limited amount of searches you can do each day (25 searches). Still, this is more than enough for you to be able to get some good keywords for your video.

What do you get with the free version of Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy has a huge list of over 20 features that you can get completely for free for simply downloading the tool.

Some of them are limited so you may not get the full experience but it is still worth it.

To see all of the things that you can get for free, check out Tubebuddy’s Free Features List.

How can I get a free lifetime upgrade with Tubebuddy?

In order to be eligible to get a free lifetime upgrade of Tubebuddy, you will need to become an affiliate for Tubebuddy.

Once you do this, you will need to get at least 250 people to sign up and download the Tubebuddy extension in order for you

Is Tubebuddy extension free?

Yes. The extension is completely free to download.

Please keep this in mind.

If anyone is trying to sell you the extension of Tubebuddy, do not do this. There is no payment needed to download the extension.

You only pay for upgrades.

How do I become a TubeBuddy affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate for Tubebuddy is very easy.

You can simply sign up to be an affiliate via their affiliate page.

However, trying to sell the product without having experience with it is not the best idea. With tools like these, you have to really give value to the person that is on the other end.

So I only recommend becoming an affiliate if you yourself use the tool and are able to show your viewers your results from using it.

Do you need Tubebuddy?

If you really want to take your youtube channel seriously and grow organically, then yes, you need to have an SEO tool like Tubebuddy to help you do that more effectively.

I have tested using several other methods and it is possible to get good results.

However, these take hours to do whereas, with Tubebuddy, you can get your keywords in a few minutes.

What is the TubeBuddy SEO score?

When you put in a keyword in the keyword explorer, Tubebuddy will give you an SEO score. This will show you:

  1. How difficult the keyword is.
  2. How high the search volume is.
  3. How easy will it be to rank for the term?

With this information, you should be able to see if this is a keyword that you want to make a video for.

If you are a newer or smaller channel, I highly recommend that you stick to easier keywords because you will have a better chance to rank for them.

Does TubeBuddy work on phone?

Tubebuddy has an app that you can download and have on your phone. In this app, you will be able to see your video details, comments, milestones, and a few other small tools.

Unfortunately, without access to Tubebuddy Mobile Unlimited, you will not be able to do much keyword research from your phone.

If this is what you are looking for, then I suggest you use VidIQ’s mobile app instead.

Does Google own TubeBuddy?

No, Google does not own Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy has been around for over 14 years now and was cofounded by Phil Starkovich. The company got acquired in 2019 and is now owned by Branded Entertainment Network.

Can TubeBuddy delete your channel?

No, Tubebuddy can not and will not delete your channel.

Unless you tell it to do so.

Tubebuddy can not do anything without your consent as the owner of the Youtube channel.

Is TubeBuddy safe in YouTube?

Tubebuddy is one of the safest tools you can use on with your Youtube channel.

Tubebuddy is one of the only certified Youtube Channel Management tools. They are fully trusted by Youtube and by hundreds of thousands of other creators on the platform.

And I am talking big names like Roberto Black and Nick Nimmin.

Rest assured, your information and Youtube channel are in good hands.

How do I cancel my TubeBuddy subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can simply do so by entering your Tubebuddy dashboard.

Press the Manage button and then Cancel your subscription.

Super easy and quick.

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