How To Double Your EPMV To Make More Money

How To Double Your EPMV To Make More Money

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If you are starting an online platform, you are going to be seeing a lot of new jargon that you may not be used to. One that is going to be of particular interest to you is EPMV.

I remember scratching my head at this one when I first started out.

Not knowing that it would be one of the most important stats for this website and also for the growth of my business.

When you are building anything online, most likely you are going to want to make some kind of profit from it.

EMPV is going to play a big role when it comes to looking at your future budgeting and projections.

Not to mention it is great to see how it grows over time.

But before I figured out what it was, I tried to ask people in the community about it. Surprisingly enough, they couldn’t give me a straight answer either.

So today, I am going to do break it all down for you and tell you everything you need to know about EPMV’s.

What Is EPMV?


EPMV is a metric that means Earnings Per Mille Visitors.

This is a metric that advertisers and ad management platforms use to show you how much you make per thousand visitors that you get.

The calculation is simple: you take the earnings you got in a month and divide it by the number of visits that you got that same month.

The earnings look into things like how many ads were on the page, the type of ads, bounce rate, bidding, and other things.

Keep in mind that Visits (sometimes called Sessions) are not the same as Views or Page Views. I suggest you read more about analytics metrics to get a better understanding of how they differ.

When you make certain changes to your site, the one place you should look to is EPMV. If it goes down, it may mean that the changes were off-putting to the viewer.

And if it goes up, then it may show that the changes are helping increase your sessions.

It’s basically the best way to get an overall view of how your site is doing.

Now that you know what an EPMV is, let’s get to know its competitor.


Far too often, people get EPMV and RPM mixed up.

And I can understand why.

RPM is Revenue Per Mille. This calculates how much you make per thousand Page Views.

However, contrary to EPMV, RPM does not take into account how many ads were on the page or the type of ads either.

Many would argue that EPMV is more accurate than RPM.

And I agree.

For example, if you put more ad placements on a page, you can increase your RPM.

However, putting more ads on your page could actually bring your EPMV down because it may diminish the user experience.

Making it more likely for people to bounce from your website instead of going onto other pages.

One of the reasons why I personally prefer to use Ezoic is because it is great when it comes to calculating my EPMV.

Not only does it make it easy to understand but because it uses AI technology, it actually helps to increase EPMV every month by optimizing as placements.

Which in the long run will increase my revenue every month.

The 3 Things I Did To Double My EPMV

When I first started out with Ezoic, my EPMV was around $7.

I know that is pretty good for a brand new blog since most bloggers start with around $2-$3.

That was back in October.

By December 2021, I am now up to an EPMV of almost $18.

**UPDATE: I got even up to the $20’s!

ezoic epmv

When I saw this I was completely blown away!

So I sat down to think about what changes I had made to make this happen and I quickly noticed what I had done.

And now I am going to share with you what has helped me double my EMPV in just 2 months.

1. Integrate With Ezoic

Ezoic Access Now Hompage

I can not talk about increasing my EPMV without talking about Ezoic.

I joined Ezoic in October and one of the main things that Ezoic credits itself on is optimizing your ad placements for a better user experience, longer sessions, and higher EPMV.

So having their AI systems constantly working for you is a big help.

I do not think that I would have been able to have the major increase in revenue that I did without Ezoic’s help.

I have been talking to other bloggers for months who have worked years to even get to an EPVM of $10.

So integrating with Ezoic so early on has definitely been a game-changer for this website.

If you want to learn how to get approved to integrate with Ezoic, you can read all about joining Ezoic with a brand new blog.

2. Write Longer Content

When it comes to building online, content is everything.

If you want to increase the value of your content, you need to write longer articles and make more content.

That is why I personally recommend that you write at least 1,500 words when you write articles or posts.

This gives more space for your ads to be shown which will give more possibilities for your viewers to find something that interests them.

Longer articles may also produce longer session times which will also increase the overall value of your site.

On the flip side, articles over 4000 words may be too long-winded at times so you really have to test the waters and see what works for your audience.

Some people can be put off when they have to read too much so keep that in mind.

3. Use Higher-Competition Keywords


This one might just scare you off a little bit but just hear me out.

After about 20-30 articles, you should start to target higher keywords for your website.


Because advertisers are usually paying more for higher keywords. Meaning your general EPMV will increase due to the advertisers that will bid for space on your platform.

This doesn’t mean that you need to target keywords with a difficulty of 50 or higher. But you should start to feel comfortable targeting keywords between 10-30 instead of just under 10.

If any of this sounds like Chinese to you then I recommend you read my beginners guide to SEO to get a better understanding of how keywords work.

Final Thoughts

When I first started out blogging, I wish I had someone who would be honest and really share the secret sauce.

Unfortunately, so many bloggers stayed quiet and only came out of the woodwork once they started making thousands of dollars a month.

But where were they when they were only making a few cents or dollars?

I will be the first to admit that when I first started blogging, I went in thinking that I would be like these bloggers making $500 their first month.

If you think like this, it is not your fault.

Lots of people online don’t document their first few months because they may think it is not of importance.

But this is stuff that beginners are going to find essential.

So, here I am now telling you what you can expect when you first start blogging and how to improve the quality of your blog right from the beginning.

Doing these things is what has helped me increase my EPMV and I am sure they will help you to.